Take your legs from early autumn into the frost of winter, from your bike to a meeting, on a long country walk or playing rounders in the field to keep the nettles from your ankles, to run up sand dunes or the steps of the Tube, to pull up and down according to the ever-changeable weather - our Leg Warmers are your fail-safe trans-seasonal always-pack piece.

Knitted in our lighter weight of Herd Wool yarn in a delicate scallop shell-inspired pointelle stitch.

Wool - The Leg Warmers are made from our very own traceable soft Bluefaced Leicester sheep wool, which we source ourselves at a fair price from farmers in N.W. England and processed and make within 150 miles of the farms. We then either blend the yarn to make natural shades, or dye using plant extracts and naturally occurring mordants. Our buttons are made from nuts, our labels are 100% cotton, so your knit is fully circular. 

Proudly knitted by skilled craftspeople in England.

Washing - Wool requires minimal washing. Hand wash in cool water if needed. 

Size & fit - The Leg Warmers are one size perfectly fits all. 

Colours - Available in Shrimp, Forest and Anthracite.