Our mission is to make beautiful, sustainable knitwear, to revive & re-energise the traditions of sheep farming for wool in England, and to do so locally & naturally.


To source our fleeces collectively from Lancashire, Yorkshire and Cumbria
To use nothing toxic to clean or dye our wool so it is completely natural, which makes it fully circular 
Our buttons are made in England of Tagua nut, a tree which relies on the biodiversity of the rainforest to survive, so the value of the nut prevents Amazonian deforestation 
To only use the finest Bluefaced Leicester wool so you don’t miss cashmere or merino, with it’s hefty transportation carbon footprint and desertifying impact on the environment where it is grown
To increase the price of fleeces every year so farmers are incentivised to protect the pedigree of beautiful wool, rather than subsidised to prioritise meat
To champion the expertise of the farmers, graders, scourers, carders, dyers, spinners, weavers, makers, knitters and finishers - skilled craftspeople of the everyday


Most knitwear on the market today either contains petrochemicals called acrylic, nylon and polyester, harmfully extracted from the most precious, biodiverse and vulnerable places on the planet (because all the easy-to-reach stuff we’ve already used up) or is grown in China, Australia and New Zealand in ways that further desertify these landscapes. And all those little fluffy white dots on the hillside all over the UK? Their fleeces are sold for pennies, for less than the cost of shearing, or just burnt or buried as it’s not worth the hassle of sending them off to be sold. 

By using only 100% fine English wool, grown, processed, made and finished within 150 miles of the farms, with no toxic chemicals or dyes, we are completing the carbon cycle begun in the soil, so that you can wear your Herd with abandon. 

Herd invites your inner wilderness to reconnect, as sheep grow fleeces every year to be shorn and worn, so these garments are made in tune with the seasons and cycles of England, for your everyday cosy.

It’s all connected;
Happiness, fibre & food, land & soil