Lytham Knit Collar

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An extra-ordinary piece of knit - a hand-made frill to elevate any knit, or blouse, or dress. Draws the eye and flatters the neck. It sits perfectly layered on the Lytham Knit Blouse, or the Wyre Jumper (also available in Loam).

Knitted in our lighter weight of Herd Wool yarn in a wave-inspired pattern, the Lytham Collar adds an instant flourish to an ensemble. 


The Lytham Collar is made from Herd Wool - sustainable soft Bluefaced Leicester sheep wool grown and made in NW England according to Fibreshed principles. It has been washed only in water and organic detergents, so is fully circular.  


Hand wash in cool water.


Available in Mist - light grey/brown

Loam - dark grey/brown

Coral - muted pink, plant dyed using Madder and naturally occurring mordants

Size & fit 

The Lytham Collar is one size perfectly fits all.