Press update 💚

Press update 💚

By Ruth Rands

Press update 💚

We are extremely excited to share these recent Herd press features with you! As a knitwear brand, the summer months aren’t as busy for us so we’re taking this opportunity to build awareness around the wool industry and educate our community of sustainable fashionistas on the importance of slow fashion. We’ve posted many Instagram reels describing our BTS production processes including the scouring, carding and various other facts about the UK wool industry. Check them out here!


That being said, we are also taking a broader educational approach through our recent press features. Ruth Rands sat down with Estila magazine to discuss Herd’s mission and future plans: “We aim to bring joy by connecting everyone along the knit journey to credit and celebrate the wonder of craftsmanship and creativity that goes into each piece. We are [also] launching a new collection called Freckleton.” 


Ruth emphasised the importance of the UK wool industry in terms of fashion sustainability and the planet: “From an environmental perspective it is absolutely ideal, as it is naturally occurring every year. […] Crucially it is completely biodegradable and – if processed naturally and without chemicals – will even benefit soil as it contains potassium.”


Read the full article here.


Luxurious magazine shined the spotlight on our new Lytham collection highlighting our inspiration which comes from the shapes of the shells found on the vast beaches of Lancashire. This collection was designed to flatter the feminine form with its high shoulders, tapered cuffs and frilly collars and hems. 


Ruth also dived into the complex natural dyeing process we use to achieve our Peach and Shrimp coloured knits: “A rainbow of colours is possible by using and combining different dyes and darkening or strengthening agents. It is certainly the beginning of a long journey!”


Lots more to come soon so stay tuned!