Rerouting the future

The HERD mission is simple – to reimagine the textiles industry supply chain, considerately. To do this, we prove that exquisite luxury pieces can be made exclusively through natural materials and regenerative, local production. Our process points towards a positive way to move forward in a world where convenience is killing the planet. It is a crucial and critically necessary rethink.

We are pragmatic, as opposed to viewing the path ahead as difficult, and by prioritising logic and kindness, HERD demonstrates how things can be done, dramatically reevaluating the status quo. Our goal is to close the carbon circle in yarn and fabric production by implementing operational standards that make sense to all involved, with beautiful products that last forever as a result. Everything we make can return to the soil, leaving no trace.

A blueprint for better practices

We will never stop absorbing, learning, and improving, and on this journey we wish to educate. By utilising the land and its local traders in their own unique ecosystems, we have discovered a collaborative approach that is truly regenerative. We will only ever work in synergy with the cyclical nature of organic fibres and fabric production – reshoring it with fair and favourable conditions for farmers and craftspeople.

The HERD manifesto is a blueprint for something better for the industry to follow, and offers a realistic, not idealistic, proposal for good. When adopted properly we know it will change the future, and fortunes, of the British textiles industry and beyond.

Beyond Fashion;
From soil to skin with heart