Sustainable heritage knitwear using the finest wool from the North West of England

Knitwear from heart

Honest as the Earth herself, our knitwear is nature unfurled.

There is no harm, no squander, no toxicity, no needless travel. 

Made in the best of English wool traditions and brought to life.

Our knitwear collections are all-natural complimentary pieces that embody and imbue all that is the HERD way.

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Wool from heaven

We make our yarns from fleece to fibre, and they are comparable in softness and incomparable in lustre with the finest grades of wool from anywhere in the world.

Grown and made from 100% Bluefaced Leicester fleece from the Northern Uplands of Yorkshire, Lancashire and Cumbria.

Knitted into garments or spun to DK weight for the joyful knitting of heirlooms.

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