Beyond fashion

From soil to skin, with heart…

HERD is a mindset. Our philosophy goes beyond sustainability to have a positive impact on the environment and those we work with. Rooted in profound respect for the land and soil, we have a place-based materials-first approach. It’s where elegant age-old tradition meets uncompromising planetary values, how we make modern heirlooms with heritage sensibilities.

We honour native locality, collaborating with craftspeople that have honed expertise in their trades over generations. Our unique approach strengthens existing ecosystems, creating positive and impactful structure, gently building webs of connection – and mutual support – that benefit stakeholders at every stage of the process. HERD is proof that wasteful transportation in the name of fashion can be eclipsed; a blueprint for the future.

By sourcing fibres directly from a collective of farmers and harvesters we maintain control of creating superior wool and fabric. Our signature Upland Yarn is made from 100% Bluefaced Leicester fleeces within just 150 miles of the farms in Yorkshire, North West England, where the climate provides perfect conditions and abundant rich green grass. The result rivals cashmere in quality.

HERD is proudly additive free, each exquisitely hand-finished piece made without toxicity. This means organic detergents, naturally occurring plant dyes, and water, are our only ingredients, along with trimmings made purely from plants and nuts. Seasonless luxury bursting with character to love forever, and 100% naturally biodegradable when returned to the soil; a truly circular, regenerative ethos.

Our way of thinking is more than blue sky (and green grass), it’s a new and necessary way of life. Join the HERD.

Join the HERD