Meet Our Founder


Ruth Alice Rands

Ruth is an activist entrepreneur, founding two successful business that make beautiful things which champion regenerative natural resources and the landscapes, animals and people that make them.  

Her first business was a wild, certified, seaweed brand which achieved listings in major supermarkets, health food stores and chains for almost 10 years and contributed to huge growth in public recognition around the plant’s nutritional value, as well as carbon and sustainability value.

She has now brought her understanding of supply chains, traceability, labelling and certifications to the fashion textiles system, her first love, starting with wool, through HERD.

Ruth has built a collectives of farmers, graders, scourers, spinners and dyers in one bioregion supporting her vision of a circular, regenerative fashion ecosystem, a network of naturally occurring resources, processed without chemicals, with minimal waste and fully compostable at the end of their long life - a blueprint for a future fashion industry. Her ethos goes beyond sustainability to have a positive impact on those who work within the product ecosystem and her aesthetic philosophy demonstrate how a local, natural, circular and regenerative approach can result in exceptionally special pieces that will be loved forever.