Spotlight on natural dyes for Earth Day 2021 🌍

Spotlight on natural dyes for Earth Day 2021 🌍

By Ruth Rands

Spotlight on natural dyes for Earth Day 2021 🌍

Our Earth Day initiative for this year is to spotlight our naturally dyed yarn - a process which we have been developing in industrial facilities so that they can become a viable alternative to acid dyes. Our first shade is Shrimp, dyed using the madder plant and naturally occurring mordants. To celebrate the launch we are donating 10% of April sales of naturally dyed garments to help fund the transition of our farmers to regenerative farming systems for the good of the soil, animals and the planet.

We are so incredibly proud of having launched a naturally dyed colour yarn. We've called it Shrimp, and it is dyed using the plant madder, which covers all the red-pink colour spectrum, and naturally occurring mordants. Natural dyes aren't around a lot - there aren't any commercial facilities currently offering them in the UK - and that's because they aren't as easy or cheap as acid dyes which are made from petrochemicals. But that is changing and interest in natural dyes is growing very rapidly. The transition to them is going to take commitment from industry to working in new ways, ways that have previously seemed too inefficient and expensive. It's also going take a deeper understanding from customers about the range and complexity of colours that are achievable using natural dyes and the resulting increase in cost for their clothes, which we may not be used to. 

We are very pleased that the results from our natural dyes have proven that the yarn is colour, light and wash fast - as long as the knits are washed with care - no 40 degree washes please! Hand wash in cool water and your knits will stay beautiful for a long time. 

We're delighted to be part of the wider movement away from toxic dyes and towards natural, circular, regenerative systems of farming and industry 🌸


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