Happy 3rd Birthday HERD!

Happy 3rd Birthday HERD!

By Ruth Rands

Happy 3rd Birthday HERD!
HERD launched on 6th October 2020, three years ago today... 
...it was a very different world indeed! In early 2020, deep in the midst of lockdowns, worry and uncertainty, empty skies and the collapse of global supply chains, a seed of an idea began to grow.
In that time the factories didn't stop. While juggling massive shifts in order patterns, there were helpful, kind people in Yorkshire who were still answering phones and were happy to hear there was someone who wanted to change the system from the ground up - literally from the soil.
The farmers didn't stop farming, of course, and with no flights to get onto and borders closed we started to notice the fields and fells around us and crave a greater connection to nature. 
In three years we have grown from four farms in our collective to over 40. We now work with two different spinners in Yorkshire, processing English fleece again after decades of imported merino and lambswool. Our knitwear is knitted in Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire and London and still finished by hand to the highest standards. 
We are still as committed as ever to completely natural processing - using organic detergents and an ever-increasing range of plant dyes including new for A/W23 Lemon and Anthracite. 
We are on a big adventure together to reroute the future of fashion with HERD's blueprint for how things can be done differently. 


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