'The Art of Repair' by Molly Martin

'The Art of Repair' by Molly Martin

By Ruth Rands

'The Art of Repair' by Molly Martin

A beautifully illustrated book serving as a delightful reminder of the emotional connection we can have with textiles.

The author, Molly, showcases some of her favorite repairs and explains how mending cherished things for friends grew to become more than just a hobby. Her results are beautiful and add to the aesthetic of the fabric, making you want to immediately pick up a needle and thread and have a go yourself. She shares some easy to understand, illustrated instructions on multiple mending techniques and a little history on how different cultures made and looked after their clothes.

Reading through the book makes you mindful of your own wardrobe, the garments that are special to you and how they should be looked after and mended. In Molly's words "Buy less, choose well, care and repair."

 It provides a  lovely opportunity, regardless of your previous sewing skills, to reconnect with your clothes in a slow and mindful manner - much needed in this fast paced world of disposable items and excess.

by Tanya Evans-Lawes


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